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Jadekely (Jade and Bur/kely) is the friendship pairing of Jade Ramsey and Burkely Duffield. They play Patricia and Eddie in House of Anubis, who are dating in the show. Jade and Burkely were rumored to have been dating,


however, Burkely confirmed this not true in a tweet where he stated that he and Jade are in fact not a couple, although he does have a girlfriend who, at the moment, is unknown.

This page is for friendship although they do have some shippers.


  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • They're very good friends with one another.
  • They were rumored to have been dating.
  • In most photos they seem to be very close to one another.
  • They are often seen staring at each other during interviews.
  • Burkely and Jade have been abroad together, as seen in one of Jade's tweets.
  • Jade, according to Burkely, has a very contagious laugh.
  • They're always interviewed together.
  • Their characters on House of Anubis are dating.
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  • They both act in House of Anubis.
  • Jade supports him. Also he supports her.
  • They often tweet each other.
  • In interviews they seem very close
  • Both Burkely and Jade ship Peddie.